Nook & Node Welcomes You Home.

Welcome to Nook & Node, where comfort meets connectivity and embodies the essence of home and harmony‚Äďare flection of our philosophy and a promise to create a tranquil space in a cozy corner. Thoughtfully designed to be inset, creating a warm and inviting nook where you can truly unwind.

Community Engagement.

At Seba Construction, our team values community engagement throughout our project’s development. The input, thoughts, questions, and feedback of our neighbours and future residents are invaluable, and we’re committed to ensuring that this project reflects the desires and aspirations of the community.

Discover Nook & Node.

Nook & Node is an innovative multi-family residential development that promises to redefine your notion of contemporary living, offering a unique blend of sustainable design, modern aesthetics, and a location that puts the best of Saanich right at your doorstep. Offering a diverse range of living spaces with 60 strata homes to choose from, including studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedroom plus den units you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Sustainable By Design.

Our development stands as a testament to sustainability. With a Step 3 planned sustainability rating, Nook & Node is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. This means you can enjoy the comforts of modern living while knowing you’re part of a more Eco-friendly future.

The architecture of Nook & Node is a visual delight. The white building skin, adorned with playful and dynamic elements, reflects the energy and vitality of this evolving node in Saanich. The inset balcony niches are more than just aesthetic; they abstractly represent tall trees, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. It’s the perfect marriage of nature and modernity.