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Inspiration From The Outside In.

At Seba, we build homes from the community up. We weave the fabric of the area landscape, amenities, and lifestyle into the design of our condos, townhouses, and custom homes. We do our homework; making every effort to capture, support and grow the culture of the areas we design for and build in. Our promise is to enhance and reflect the neighbourhood you will call home. We want you to experience comfort and convenience together with a strong sense of place and a feeling of pride every time you walk through the door.

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We build premium, larger scale projects that make a real impact.

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A construction team built on the foundation of family.

As a generational Island family, we care very much about having a positive and precedent-setting impact on the home we love. We are driven by architectural inspiration, construction excellence and homeowner satisfaction.

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An integrated home building, development and urban planning team focused on innovation across a full spectrum of housing types.


Custom condo developments offer a unique opportunity for investment in real estate. Not only are they often situated in desirable locations, but they are customizable to the needs and wants of their owners. Developments can include luxurious amenities and modern design elements that today’s renters and buyers demand. Investing in custom condo developments allows you to get creative with your property and potentially increase its value over time. What’s more, it’s a great way to build community through high-quality housing developments that bring people together.

Custom Homes

Building custom fine homes takes a tremendous amount of skill, knowledge, and passion. Architects and builders who take on custom projects understand that each custom home needs to be custom-tailored to the individual client’s taste, lifestyle, and in many cases budget. From drafting custom floor plans to designing custom kitchens and bathrooms, custom home building should always reflect the individual style of the homeowner. Not only do custom home builders strive to make the perfect living space for their clients, they also strive to provide customers with quality craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime.

Unique approach

The unique approach to building homes has revolutionized the future of construction, utilizing new technology and materials to take entire projects to unimaginable levels. By giving unique attention to detail, a higher quality of home is accessible at a fraction of the traditional cost. Unlike traditional methods, unique approaches are quickly becoming popular due to their easy construction process that require less materials than ever before.